Leabhar Gníomhaíochta Aquadoodle

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An Leabhar Gníomhaíochta Aquadoodle is a page-turner with stunning illustrations. It's all of that and more: each of the book's four double-page spreads is a mystery that kids will enjoy solving with the Aquadoodle pen that comes with the kit. Fill the pen halfway with tap water and see what our four-legged companions are hunting for. Hidden treasures surface as the kids run the pen over the pages, assisting them in solving each riddle.

Allow the page to dry completely, and the hints will vanish, ready for the next time. It's similar like painting, but without the mess and trash. Assist Dog in sorting his red toys from Cat's blue possessions. Check to see whether that wicked Dog is lurking behind the shed or beneath the foliage. I'm not sure where he is. He's lost his bone in past stories, and he has to follow the path and 'dig' along the way to see what's buried at every turn. Then there are the other discoveries, such as the numerous snails and caterpillars that have made their homes in the garden.

Aquadoodle, unlike traditional picture books, combines storytelling with a hands-on activity. Play with it during the day and put it away at night. It's great for any time of day, at home or on vacation, because it only requires water to make the pictures appear and there's no mess – any extra water simply runs off the page. The chunky, easy-grip Aquadoodle pen will aid in the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while the images will promote colour and shape recognition, counting, observation, and problem-solving.


  • Four fantastic tales! Find out where the Dog has gone, assist the Cat in finding her toys, learn about the creatures in the garden, and locate the Dog's bone...
  • There are no dirty paints or crayons required; all you need is water!
  • As the pages dry, objects vanish, leaving you to hunt all over again.
  • Take it with you on your trips as an activity during the day and a storybook at night.

Aois Molta: 18m +

toisí: 16.5 20 x x 3.5cm

By Tomy
Barcode: 5011666732667