Fiesta Crafts Maighnéadach Chéad Mhata

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An Fiesta Crafts Maighnéadach Chéad Mhata is a fun and educational kit. Learning to count and add/subtract is one of the first things children will do when they enter school years and is a key component of Early Years/Foundation stage education. This First Maths set has been designed to support this stage by helping children to learn in a way that makes it as much fun as it is educational. This set includes magnetic picture pieces, a sums board, numbers and a counting board so that there are various visual aids to support and stimulate. Children can count pictures of familiar items like bananas or cars, which, by using fun illustrations, make it a more playful exercise than using numbers alone, and the inclusion of a dry-wipe pen to copy numbers helps make this an activity that can be repeated over and over again. This pack comes complete with 108 magnetic pieces and double-sided number pieces from 0-20, as well as seven activities that adults can set children to complete depending on where they are on their mathematical journey.


  • Handy magnetic maths kit - learn to count and recognise numbers
  • Encourages children to learn, and helps to develop numeracy skills
  • Includes double-sided magnetic board and 108 double-sided magnetic pieces
  • Match numbers with pictures and learn how to count
  • Includes dry wipe pen

toisí: 18 1 x x 25.5cm

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