Cairt Réalta Mhaighnéadacha Fiesta Crafts

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Loingseoireacht Saor in Aisce na RA
Níl an táirge seo ar fáil

30 airgead lá ar ais a ráthú

Praghas a mheaitseáil go laethúil

Seachadadh an chéad lá eile sa RA ar fáil

5-10 lá loingseoireachta idirnáisiúnta

An Cairt Réalta Mhaighnéadacha Fiesta Crafts is an excellent tool to encourage good behaviour. It comes with 18 suggested activities and 6 blank to write your own special activities. The boxes are numbered so stars can be earned over a week or any period of time. The chart can be hung up by cord, or stood on a shelf. There are lots of different coloured magnetic stars stored inside the chart. Reward Charts are a tried and tested method of encouraging good behaviour and habits as children earn rewards for good behaviour. It' also portable so children can follow their tasks and actiities wherever they are.

Gnéithe Táirge:

  • Easy-to-use wipe clean magnetic reward chart
  • Includes 18 activity suggestions and 6 blank pieces to write your own
  • Can be used for 1-4 children with colour-coded stars
  • Store all the unused stars and activities inside the board for easy access
  • Comes with dry-wipe pen and over 200 magnetic stars
  • Magnetic back allows it to be displayed on a fridge
  • Can also be affixed to a wall or lent on a shelf

toisí: 18 1 x x 18cm

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