John Deere Kids Ride Ar Johnny Tarracóir

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Toddlers can have fun moving about with the John Deere Kids Ride Ar Johnny Tarracóir, a foot-to-floor toy. There are several activities for your child on this cheerful tractor. For take-apart play, the accompanying screwdriver can be used to disassemble Johnny's engine and reassemble it. It can also be used to turn the GPS for amusing clicking sounds. Lights are turned on by using the blinker buttons, or for entertaining farm music and sounds, honk the horn and turn the key. Toys or favourite tools that want to travel with you can be stored in the driver's seat, which opens up. Three AAA batteries are included with the tractor so that the fun can begin straight away!


  • Kid-sized tractor with lights, sounds and a buildable engine for imaginative play
  • Use the included screwdriver to take Johnny's engine apart and put it back together again
  • Turn the GPS with the screwdriver or press the blinkers for lights
  • The seat opens for easy storage of the screwdriver and any favourite toys your toddler wants to take along for the ride

Aois Molta: 12m +

toisí: 33 53.3 x x 26.7cm

By Tomy
Barcode: 0036881472803