Sraith Tiúnadh Gluaisteán Klein Bosch

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An Sraith Tiúnadh Gluaisteán Klein Bosch is ready for your child to play with. The automobile can be totally disassembled into its individual components. The bundled screwdriver toy has a forward/reverse motion as well as a light to indicate that it is turned on. It includes four interchangeable tyres, three sticker sets, and blue tuning parts. Children enjoy imitating their parents, and this toy allows them to do just that while playing with "cars"! Pretend play fosters creativity and imagination while also teaching children about the world.


  • Toy set with child-friendly functions: Bosch Car Tuning Set
  • Battery-operated right-hand / left-hand rotation with Bosch cordless screwdriver
  • The sound and light functions
  • Dismountable six tuning accessories, four interchangeable tyres, and three interchangeable sticker sets are included with the Bosch car

toisí: 20.5 9.5 x x 6cm

By Beaga
Barcode: 4009847086303