Ribíní Micrimhilseogra

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Loingseoireacht Saor in Aisce na RA

30 airgead lá ar ais a ráthú

Praghas a mheaitseáil go laethúil

Seachadadh an chéad lá eile sa RA ar fáil

5-10 lá loingseoireachta idirnáisiúnta

Ribíní Micrimhilseogra are a great way to make your scooter unique. These brightly coloured ribbons are sure to stand out. Each 23cm strand flutters in the breeze as you walk down the street, and it's constructed of a durable fabric that will not rip and will withstand any weather. Each bundle contains 30 strands that readily connect to the handlebars' ends.


  • Scooter ribbons in various colours
  • It was ideal for personalising your scooter
  • The plugin is easily installed at the end of the handlebars
  • Ribbon that is both durable and waterproof
  • Each bundle has 30 strands
  • All 3in1, Mini Micro (excluding Magic Mini), Maxi Micro, and Cruiser scooters are compatible
  • Ideal as a gift or to upgrade your scooter

Aois Molta: 24m +

SKU: MICR0050-Mint
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