Cluiche Bréagán Folcadáin Munchkin

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5-10 lá loingseoireachta idirnáisiúnta

An Cluiche Bréagán Folcadáin Munchkin makes cleaning up toys a breeze when bath time is over. Simply gather the toys and hang them on the wall hook with this whale-shaped scoop. After that, the toys will drain and dry, ready for their next adventure. This scoop can contain a lot of toys, and the hook may be easily connected to tiles with adhesive strips (included).

Gnéithe Príomhghnéithe

  • Toys are stored and drained
  • Wall hook is really useful
  • Adhesive strips make it simple to attach to the wall
  • Cumas mór stórála
  • Toys should be dried quickly

toisí: 32cm x 29cm x 16cm

SKU: MUNC-L205045
Barcode: 5019090113380