Spillers Bolb Munchkin

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Loingseoireacht Saor in Aisce na RA

30 airgead lá ar ais a ráthú

Praghas a mheaitseáil go laethúil

Seachadadh an chéad lá eile sa RA ar fáil

5-10 lá loingseoireachta idirnáisiúnta

Spillers Bolb Munchkin are multi-purpose bath stacking cups that can be used to pour or strain the water. One of the cups has a spinner, while the other has eyes, and the cups may be joined together to make a caterpillar for further enjoyment.

Gnéithe Príomhghnéithe

  • Seven bath cups are included in the package
  • Stack or link
  • Water should be poured and strained
  • Cups with numbers 1 through 7 to promote numeracy
  • Cups nest to save space
  • Is é an glanadh a Breeze

Aois Molta: MÍOSÚNASA agus míonna

toisí: X x 9 9 8 cm

SKU: MUNC-L203040
Barcode: 5019090110273