Orchard Toys Alphabet Lotto

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Loingseoireacht Saor in Aisce na RA

30 airgead lá ar ais a ráthú

Praghas a mheaitseáil go laethúil

Seachadadh an chéad lá eile sa RA ar fáil

5-10 lá loingseoireachta idirnáisiúnta

An Orchard Toys Alphabet Lotto helps kids learn the letters of the alphabet whilst playing a game. To win the game try and be the first player to find all the cards which match the letters or picture on your lotto board. Each board has two sides, and the game can be played four different ways: match picture to picture, letter to picture, picture to letter or letter to letter.

Clár ábhair

  • 5 x lotto boards
  • 30 x picture cards
  • 30 x letter cards
  • Bileog treoracha


  • Do 2 go 5 imreoir
  • 4 bhealach le himirt
  • Encourages letter recognition
  • Practices memory skills
  • Full Instructions included

Oiriúnacht aoise: 3 bliain agus suas

méid: 26cm x 22cm x 5cm

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Barcode: 5011863101525