Pop Up Pirates Ahoy There Cluiche Cárta

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5-10 lá loingseoireachta idirnáisiúnta

An Pop Up Pirates Ahoy There Cluiche Cárta turns every player into a pirate! Steal cards from your neighbours, keep the best ones for your hoard of booty, then pass your hand overboard to the next player to see who'll sink or swim. Dig for gems and a Holy Grail; look out for curses or lose all your loot. Stash the most treasure to win!

Ahoy There! It can take you high into the crow's nest or see you sink deep down into Davy Jones' locker! Pirates play round by round in a nerve-jangling battle of wits and tricks. Each buccaneer sets sail with a hand of Loot cards. When the captain shouts "Ahoy There!" it's all hands on deck. Pick a card from the pirate to your left and add it to your hand. The next sailor to their left does the same and so on until everyone has chosen a card at random. Now use strategy and skill to decide which card to stash in your Treasure Chest – the pile of booty in front of you – and which cards to keep. Some are worth more than others; some spell trouble, and some will be worth keeping in circulation. Next, everyone passes their hand to the player on their right! Time for the next round, this time with a brand new set of cards and choices! Keep playing until each pirate is down to one card. Look out for "Give 'Em All Yer Gold", a card that forces you to sacrifice your spoils. "Curses” mean trouble, too, with points deducted at the end. "Skull & Crossbones" means you need to return a card to the deck. Then there are "Necklace” and "Gem” cards – collect a set, and you'll boost your booty. Land the "Holy Grail" card, and you'll discover it's worth much more than a few doubloons… Tot up your points at the end and see which pirate has heaped the biggest haul to win!

Contains 35 Loot cards, 5 Treasure Chest cards, 1 Treasure Map and instructions. Suitable for 2-5 players aged six years and up.


  • Take turns in this fast-paced game that gets everyone playing on every turn!
  • Family fun: Suitable for boys, girls and older sea dogs too. For 2-5 players aged six years and up
  • Twists and Tangles: Special cards mean unexpected surprises!
  • Scoop the loot! Add and subtract the points you collected on the cards in your Treasure Chest. The pirate with the biggest haul wins the game!

Aois Molta: 4 bliana+

toisí: 10 13.4 x x 1.2cm

By Tomy
Barcode: 5011666732438